Chelsea and Jacob wanted to wait until spring to do their engagement photos so they would have a lush green backdrop…  Change of plans when there is still snow on the ground in March- in Vegas!  I think we forget what a gorgeous setting Mt. Charleston is year round.  I loved the vastness of the enormous trees and deep blue mountains for more dramatic images, and then the soft snow, bouncing perfect light into their eyes for soft and romantic shots.

This couple was up for anything- even trying to recreate some snowfall over them (which I’m sure felt more like being hit with snowballs).  Walking through slush or climbing on top of falling trees didn’t seem to phase them.  They laughed and joked and teased each other the entire session which kept things fun.  So much fun in fact, I didn’t realize I couldn’t feel my soaked toes inside my boots anymore until the drive home.

After a short engagement (because when you know, you know) the Morris wedding took place in a lush  and fairytale-like private garden in South Las Vegas.  The garden boasted of all things romantic… including 400 feet of bistro lights, floating candles lining the steps to the altar, blush colored rose petals, a tunnel of greenery and florals for an aisle way, antique picture frames and and an all white cake donning an oversized sugared peony flower.  When the sun set twinkles of light from small tea lights hanging overhead shone through the trees and a large crystal chandelier lit the dance floor.  The entire day and evening was full of bliss.

Congratulations Jacob and Chelsea and may your marriage be as blissful your wedding day.

Phot0grapher: Jenelle Giese

Hair and Makeup: Stevee Danielle