When planning her wedding every bride has at least one definite thing in common with all other brides; the thought that her wedding should be perfection. Here are some tips we have learned over the ten years of doing photography that will ensure that you get perfect wedding photos.

To start off this series we’ll start with advice regrading getting ready:

  1. Don’t forget the details. You have put your blood sweat and tears into finding the perfect periwinkle nail polish for each bridesmaid or making sure you had the very string of pearls Grandma wore in her wedding. Tell your photographer about these special details, include why the pearls are important. He will be delighted to set up a shot he knows will mean something to you. “we build custom wedding day timeline with each bride and have included a space to note any special details we can be sure to capture.
  2. Keep Clutter out of range. Your mom and all your bridesmaids have just helped you climb into twelve layers of tulle an lace, mom looks at you, starts to tear up and pulls you in for your last hug as her little girl. Not a dry eye in the room. Your photographer is liking away, capturing this tender moment from all angles. These photos are perfect. Except for the empty bag of cool Ranch Doritos, plastic hanger and dress bags, balled up napkins and empty water bottles in the background. Weddings are full of candid moments like this and asking your photographer where the best place to put your things (so he or she has room to shoot and set up equipment while you relax and let these moments unfold)  will allow the photos of these perfect moments to be perfect themselves.
  3. Hang your gown on a substantial hanger. Your photographer wants to show off the details of your dress as it hangs while you get ready. Nothing takes away from a beautiful dress more than a drooping or plastic hanger. A simple polished wooden hanger is a great choice, or something that coordinates with the rest of your wedding’s style helps to put some of your personality in your dress shots.
  4. Avoid being hungover  on your wedding day. You want to look the best you have looked in your life. That doesn’t include bloodshot eyes with puffy dark circles underneath. You’re also going to need plenty of energy for the entire day! Get pampered and accept some rest before you soiree.
  5. Speaking of energy… don’t forget to eat, darling! You wan your groom to make you weak in the knees, not your plummeting blood sugar.
  6. Let your Bridal party in on the photography schedule. Often times bridesmaids aren’t ready to walk down the aisle until after the bride. The sooner your girls have makeup and hair done their gowns on the sooner your photographers can set up the shots of them helping you into your dress and veil. If no one is waiting for the bridal party to get ready we can squeeze in fun shots of you with your bridesmaids and some bridal portraits your new husband will adore.
  7. Surround yourself with the one you love. You don’t want your mom running around fixing centerpieces while you’re stepping into your gown. If you would like photos of your mom, grandma, or favorite aunt helping you lace up your dress make sure they know what time to join you and that you would like them there.
  8. Give yourself room to breathe. Have someone help you keep the population down while you get ready. You’ll want to allow your photographers and hair and makeup artists room to work and you dont want to be overwhelmed by wedding guests hanging out in your suite.

-Jenelle Giese | las vegas wedding photographer